Week 1

Its kind of hard to believe that I’ve only been here for just over a week. I’ve been so busy that it feels like a month already. It took about a day and a half to get my apartment “organized enough” for now. Most things have their place, all the furniture is put together (FYI I’m pretty much an expert at putting together IKEA stuff now), and all the new linens have been purchased. I probably spent about a total of 3 hours trying to decide on what color sheets, towels, shower curtain, etc to buy. That seems excessive right? I’m sure the security footage of me pacing through the aisles of Target is hilarious to watch.

Las Vegas is pretty easy to navigate. Typically I’m able to look up where a store is and get there without using my GPS. This did backfire one time when I thought I knew how to get to Bed Bath and Beyond based on the map…and I was wrong. Then I thought I knew how to get turned around and head back to where I was supposed to go..wrong again. So I finally caved and decided to use the GPS on my phone. Now typically this wouldn’t seem like a big deal, however being new to Las Vegas I made a rookie mistake of setting my phone on the passenger seat while I was driving. If you’ve ever been to Vegas you know it gets really hot. So hot, in fact, that your iPhone will refuse to work when its left in the sun too long. No iPhone = no GPS. Lesson learned.

I can tell I’m already adjusting to the heat. It had been in the low 100s the first several days I was here. Then I was out running errands (which seems to be a second job at this point), and noticed that it felt kinda cold. I checked the temp and it said 94. Wait 94 is “kinda cold” to me now? That escalated quickly.

IMG_2472OK enough of that boring stuff, you all probably want to hear about my new job. Well I have successfully made it through my first week as a Resident Therapist for Cirque du Soleil. Over the course of my first year I will be working with two of the shows here in Las Vegas. My primary responsibility will be at Criss Angel MINDFREAK Live, however I will also be working at “O.”

My first day at MFL was overwhelming and exciting at the same time. There were logistical things to take care of such as ID badges, parking passes, etc. I was given a tour of the theatre, met the cast/crew, and started gathering info for my binder of endless information related to the show and the performance medicine department in general. Most shows have 2 performances each night, one at 7pm and one at 930pm, with an hour break between. I watched the 1st show from the front of house (audience). I had never seen it (or any magic show for that matter) before, so I was able to get an unbiased view of what I will be working with. For the second show I shadowed another therapist to learn what acts I will be covering during the showimg_2471-e1502130768925.jpg

Over the course of the next several days, I continued to meet more of the cast/crew. Everyone has been very welcoming and friendly. I actually find that true of everyone I’ve met in Vegas in general. I have now seen the show from just about every angle you can imagine. I’ve tracked with every department so see their perspective on the show, and learn all the possible areas of potential injury that can occur. It has been very helpful to see all these different sides of what goes on backstage so I have a better understanding of what the artists are doing/need to be able to do.

The rest of my time has been spent doing evals, treatments, etc and learning how to input into their system. I’ve also been reviewing all the emergency procedures for the show, as I will have to know those before I can “cover” a show on my own. Overall its been a good first week, however I’m thankful for a couple days off. Mondays are my Saturdays. This new schedule (3-11pm) is quite an adjustment from what I’m used too. Also working in general is an adjustment since I’ve had the last month off. The first night when I got home after work I wasn’t able to fall asleep until around 2am and I would wake up before 8am. Luckily that is no longer the case.

Looking forward to what the week will bring.



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